Knox Paranormal Investigators (KPI)

Paranormal Investigations in Knoxville and surrounding counties throughout East Tennessee

About Us

“Advanced Technology & Skepticism, Equals Accurate Information” 


Knox Paranormal Investigators (KPI) is a non-profit paranormal research investigation team based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is our goal to assist those who believe they may be experiencing paranormal activity. KPI believes in using a scientific approach to investigating the paranormal. During our investigations, we attempt to document any claims of paranormal activity using state of the art electronic and multi-media equipment. We carefully review all findings and treat each case with an open, yet skeptical mind to rule out any possibility of natural causes.

We strive to perform professional, courteous and confidential investigations and we assure you that your anonymity as well as any location we are asked to visit or investigate will be fully respected. We will only release our findings with permission from our clients.

We ask that if you are experiencing any kind of paranormal activity in your home or business that you contact us at with your questions or comments. Remember, KPI is a confidential research team devoted to your every need.

We will respond to you within 24 hours to arrange an interview and to possibly set up an investigation, which are always FREE of CHARGE.

Thank you for your interest in Knox Paranormal Investigators… we hope to hear from you soon.

~Knox Paranormal Investigators (KPI) ~



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